• Car hire in Orebic and on Peljesac

    Wide choice of new or almost new cars available in Orebic on Peljesac, delivered to airport, or your accommodation unit on request. You can hire bikes, motorcycles and boats from us as well.
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We can offer you wide choice and certain availability of vehicle type of your choice. You can pick up your car at our Orebic office, one of the nearby airports, or it can be delivered to your accommodation.

Pelješac is a small region and reasonably far from the nearby cities of Dubrovnik and Split. You won't find major franchise car hire offices here. In addition to our accommodation and other travel services - we're also providing a small car hire office here in Orebic - serving the whole area. We have few cars, but we take care all are new or almost new, and that both our cars and service are excellent. As Croatia holidays has two offices in Orebic, and numerous internet sites, we are also cooperating with all (3) other rent-a-car companies in the area. That's why we have a wide choice of cars to offer. Prices and terms of rental are the same as if contacting car owners directly.

Ordering is simple - The car hire price list is below this text. You can either call us or e-mail us: tel: +385.91.529.6265 (0-24h) | mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If there is a car fitting your needs available on Peljesac or on Korcula - or even in Dubrovnik - we will take care that you get it delivered where you need it. You can order the car delivered to your accommodation unit (hotel, apartment, campsite) or to one of the nearby airports (Dubrovnik, Split).

We can also offer you choice of scooters (motorbikes) and bicycles for rent.

Croatia holidays - action rent-a-car price list - 10% off

 Valid until the 15th of June 2024. All prices are per day, in EUR, with 10% already included. Crossed out are full prices valid from the 16th of June 2024.


model 1 day 2 days
per day
3-7 days
per day
extra day
A VW Up! or similar vw up

81,00 €

90,00 €

67,50 € 

75,00 €

62,10 €

69,00 €

55,80 € 

62,00 €

C Opel Corsa, Renault Clio or similar opel corsa cro 2

85,50 €

95,00 €

76,50 € 

85,00 €

69,30 € 

77,00 €

62,10 €

69,00 €

H Opel Astra ST (station wagon) or similar

121,50 €

135,00 €

112,50 €

125,00 €

108,00 € 

120,00 €

101,70 € 

113,00 €