Peljesac peninsula is positioned on south of Croatia, in the immediate neighbourhood of Dubrovnik. Peljesac makes one administrative unit with Dubrovnik since the time of Dubrovnik Republic (Ragusa).
By geographic and natural characteristics it's similar to Dalmatian islands in region - Hvar and Korcula, but the fact it's connected to mainland gives better travel possibilities, and better connection with Dubrovnik and hinterground.
It is the longest of all Dalmatian peninsulas. Here you will find beautifull natural bays, pine forests, coast full of beaches, reefs and bays.
Natural beauty on Peljesac still stands against commercial and urban values. That's why we say that Peljesac is the place where the nature - is still the nature. 
Peljesac was inhabited since ancient times by Illyrians and Greeks, later by Romans and since the 7th century by Slavs. It had many different names through history: Rathaneus, Kersones, Stonski Rat, Puncta Stagni, Ponta di Stagno and Sabioncello.
Peljesac has an ancient maritime tradition and is the home of many sailors and captains. They were famous for their skill and bravery.
It is also well known for its vineyards and production of premium red wines. Most famous sorts of wine from Peljesac are "Dingac" and "Postup", both known all over the world.
The gastronomic offer is rich and diverse. You can enjoy modern or traditional cuisine - both equally delicious and interesting
If you visit Peljesac You'll surely come back again. We wish you splendid holiday in Croatia.